• An Emmy® Award-winning social issue documentarian whose films “The Children of Chabannes” and “My So-Called Enemy” have garnered twenty honors/awards, screened at 90+ film festivals and aired on HBO Signature, PBS and the WORLD Channel, Lisa became a documentarian because she sees films as tools for social change.
  • A director and producer of video content who helps organizations find their institutional narratives to best connect with their intended audiences. An accomplished storyteller and communications strategist, Lisa translates the vision, mission and objectives of her clients into emotionally and visually compelling videos for their awareness, advocacy, education and/or fundraising campaigns. As President of Good Egg Productions, Inc. (in New York City), Lisa brings 25+ years of expertise in the film and advertising industries – and an award-winning team of collaborators – to each of her video projects.
  • A production manager, “real person” casting director and researcher who has worked on more than 40 videos for corporations, foundations and non-profits.
  • A sought-after speaker and guest educator who has presented “The Children of Chabannes” and “My So-Called Enemy” 225+ times at film festivals, colleges and universities, high schools, religious institutions, museums, public libraries, conferences and corporations, as well as screenings hosted by non-profits. One of Lisa’s greatest joys is spending time in local communities, engaging students and diverse audiences in dialogue to bridge divides across differences.
  • A consultant for documentarians on all aspects of the filmmaking process, from pre-production, budgeting and fundraising to post production, film festivals, distribution, educational outreach and marketing.

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