Dave Marcus, Director of Communications and Marketing, The New York Community Trust:
Lisa Gossels did the unthinkable: She not only made a video that summarizes the work of a complicated, 90-year-old foundation, but she made it so compelling that it won over every skeptic — everyone who didn’t want a video. In fact, she made us two videos – a short one for our website, and longer one to show at events.

We are one of 600 community foundations nationwide, and one of the largest, with a $2.6 billion endowment. In the past, we didn’t make an introductory video to show donors because we lacked a unifying vision. Lisa changed that. She spoke to managers and staffers, then synthesized their common messages; she guided our communications team to find a storyline; she scouted for the right people among our grant recipients, and she put it all together in a pair of videos that are getting rave reviews from the staff and donors alike.

Incredibly, she did the project on time and on budget. Our board includes savvy New Yorkers who know about film, theater, business, and nonprofits. We were gratified by their glowing comments.


Mayo Bulloch, Director, Educational Enhancement Programs, Case Western Reserve University: 
Lisa Gossels was a wonderful campus guest and the “My So-Called Enemy” screening was a huge success. Lisa is able to connect with students, faculty, staff, and community members and did so in formal venues as well as in informal settings. (In five classroom visits and two meals with students and faculty.) The documentary engaged both young and old and lent itself to a lively discussion following the screening. I was very impressed by the diversity of the audience and the number of people who stayed for a follow-up discussion. I highly recommend “My So-Called Enemy” as an entertaining and educational piece that is engaging and provocative.

Ann Murphy, Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Program, Assumption College: 
It was such a pleasure to have you on campus with “My So-Called Enemy” this week! I’ve been getting nothing but raves about your visit. Thank you for sharing your incredible energy and generosity and creativity with the students and faculty. The professors whose classes you visited were absolutely enthusiastic about what a wonderful perspective and level of awareness you brought to the students, and several are still getting emails from students thanking them for the visit. I read five or six papers by students of mine who saw the movie. All began with something like, “I didn’t really know anything about the situation there” and all were painfully struck by the emotional cost of living in a war, something they had clearly not thought about before. I am so grateful to you.

Yvonne Tsang, UNIS Queens Parents Association President, United Nations International School:
Thank you for so much for your heartwarming and amazing movie and for giving our UN International School community such a gift. Although our school teaches our kids to be peacemakers, Queens, NY is so far-removed from what is happening on in so many parts of the world. Your movie and your presence last night brought it back to reality for us – that WE have to be part of the change (like the quote from Gandhi that the girls wrote on the wall) and we need to be part of the conversation. I know so many of our parents and friends were deeply moved and touched by your film. I have no doubt that all of them will carry “My So-Called Enemy” and its message in our thoughts and hearts forever. I just pray that we all continue to remember that feeling and to do something about it.